Shopping and leisure

  Shenzhen Dongmen old street

         Dongmen area was formed together with "Shenzhen market" in the middle and late Ming Dynasty. It is an important merchant market within a radius of tens of miles. After 300 years of ups and downs, Dongmen is still thriving. With the rapid development of the construction of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the old streets are old and crowded, which can not bear the huge flow of commercial people. In 1998, the government began to make great efforts to reconstruct the old Dongmen block, which lasted for three years, with a total investment of 570 million yuan.
        By the end of 2001, the first and second phase reconstruction projects of Dongmen commercial pedestrian street were basically completed. With Renmin North Road and Jiefang middle road as the axis and Sun Square to Dongmen Maoye department store as the core section, the reconstructed Dongmen commercial pedestrian block has formed the largest commercial pedestrian street in China. It is a multifunctional and modern commercial block integrating commerce, shopping, recreation, sightseeing, leisure, living and office. It is positioned as "the window of Shenzhen and the brand of Luohu" Dongmen commercial pedestrian street covers a total area of 176000 square meters, with a construction area of 650000 square meters, of which the commercial operation area is about 500000 square meters. 28 modern large-scale commercial buildings are distributed in 15 main streets.



  Shenzhen Mixc

        Vientiane city is the shopping and entertainment center of China Resources Center, with a building area of 188000 square meters. It will become the largest indoor shopping center in Shenzhen, the best in South China and the most exemplary in China. It has six commercial floors, nearly 300 independent shops of different sizes and functions, and more than 1000 parking spaces. It integrates many functions such as retail, catering, entertainment, leisure, culture, sports and so on. It will bring consumers new consumption concept and life experience, and will become a good place for Shenzhen residents and tourists.




  Shenzhen KK mall


        KK mall, an international fashion boutique shopping center, is located at the core of the business district of Caiwuwei financial center in Luohu District, Shenzhen. It is adjacent to Shennan Avenue, Hongling middle road and seamless connection with Metro Grand Theater station. The total construction area is 83500 square meters, with four floors above the ground and one floor underground. It has three large theater style natural lighting atriums, more than 150 international and domestic famous fashion brands, the first UA IMAX cinema in Shenzhen, international fashion fashion fashion clothing, international high-end specialty food and BLT fashion supermarket, sweeping the world trend and bringing unprecedented new experience. Gather numerous Shenzhen's first international brands to create a never ending fashion life theater.




  Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza

         Yitian Holiday Plaza has introduced toys "R" us, a global toy retail giant, as its main stores, including ole's supermarket, super five-star club style luxury Movie City, Yitian Holiday studios, China's chief theater style skating rink invested by Prince Li Ning, All Star Skating Club, catering giant ship and global gourmet The first flagship store in South China, the South China price image store of Zara and H & M, as well as the flagship stores of Escada, Armani Collezioni, Hugo Boss, Cerruti 1881, Kent & Curven, Paul & shark, Calvin Klein platform, etc., create the real fashion charm of Shenzhen. Guided by the International, boutique, fashion and experience, it integrates rich formats, In order to create a more comfortable experiential shopping mode for Shenzhen citizens, create the most experiential fashion life experience field, promote high-end consumption in Shenzhen, and promote the commercial upgrading of the city.




Bar and Restaurant

  Shenzhen natural color bar
         It has a fashionable, simple and broad vision of the overall style, a unique music theme restaurant, an international first-class sound equipment and a live band performance hall, and an avant-garde and dynamic club; It is the most suitable leisure entertainment for modern urban white-collar workers, and a perfect place to taste authentic international food.
         When you walk into the bar of natural color, the pictures of famous artists from Europe, America, Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland are displayed in the corridor window, which proves that the bar has made great efforts in creating music culture and improving the cultural taste of the bar for many years; Another wonderful content is the prize won by the bar in various aspects of mixing, food and bar competition, which shows the strong strength of the bar as the flagship of Shenzhen's bar entertainment industry.




  Shenzhen huonulu bar
         Honolu club, an international standard, avant-garde and fashionable bar, made its debut by the beautiful Xiangmi lake, adding a beautiful scenery to Futian's night and offering a brand-new concept to the bar friends in Shenzhen. Honolu club has a total construction area of 2200 square meters, including 380 square meters of theme music bar; 10 luxurious music rooms; The top floor open-air garden style leisure bar is 360 square meters.
         When you enter the hall of honolu club for the first time, you will feel dazzled at the first time. Then you will get the illusion of entering another kind of space, which is like a dream. You can't distinguish time and space. It's just like being in a dreamlike sky and a tunnel of time. It's just beautiful and dynamic music and dancing. The enchanting dancers tell you that you are in the real space. Every decoration of the bar is the designer's favorite work. Every detail strives for perfection, like carving a classic art, and let her exude luxury, lovely, fashion and taste. From the ceiling to the wall, from the bar to the stage, the super lighting system is composed of numerous LED light spots. Under the control of the computer system, with the rhythm of the dynamic music, it dances with the changeable color and pattern combination changes; And the most shocking is DJ station. The dreamy picture shuttles on the back and the three huge full-color LED screens on both sides. The surging scene jumps with the fingertips of VJ and makes your eyes dance together. The seats around the hall are well arranged, fashionable and lively, which makes people highly respected, courteous and comfortable in the luxurious space surrounded by stars.
         Music has always been the soul of honolu club. British original mattian W series sound system makes every note jump in your ear and bring you exciting hearing enjoyment; The overwhelming momentum and the dynamic rhythm of a thorough soul are excited in the wild and unrestrained hot dance, which makes people can't help cheering and releasing, making people happy to fly
         Entering the private room channel of honolu club, it is another scenery. The crafts and decorative patterns full of exotic flavor seem to be on the avenue of stars pursuing the dream of singing in the gorgeous color changes. This is just the beginning. The unique architectural structure and design concept have created 10 luxurious private rooms with unique personalities and different styles. Their common characteristics are dignity, taste and romance. On the stage where you enjoy your performance, the pure Matian sound and the soft and changeable LED lights have become your loyal supporters, laughing with your songs
         After enjoying the song, push open the back door of the private room, and a bigger surprise will be displayed in front of you: in the sky garden of Chinese style garden style, the smell of evening primrose is faintly floating, the "wall" covered with flowers and plants and the stone bench round table are more quiet in the dim moonlight, all impetuous and vexations will be precipitated here, and all feelings will be sublimated here, This is the perfect combination of noise and quiet!
         When you come to honolu open-air garden style leisure bar, it is like returning to nature. The unique architectural structure gives you a panoramic view of the night beauty of Xiangmi lake, which makes you feel relaxed and happy. Surrounded by flowers and plants, waterfalls, bridges and flowing water, singing and dancing slowly and playing wine and chess are suspected to be fairyland on earth. This kind of noble enjoyment is enough to make people forget everything, and their mood is completely purified and sublimated completely!




  Shenzhen night bar
         "Night bar" gives people the feeling of compact and free. In the evening, in addition to the band's performance, hot dance time, and the shooting of foreign wine at the bottom price of 10 yuan per bottle, the most exciting thing should be around 11 o'clock. When the master of ceremonies humorously and humorously introduced the contents of the "friend recommendation card" for men and women in the bar that night, applause, screams and the sound of wine glasses knocking on the table rose and fell, The whole bar is filled with a happy atmosphere!
         The "night bar" is full of seats at night. Because of the booming business, no one can sit on the stage. If you pay attention to it, you will find that young men and women sitting separately at the beginning of the bar will drink together like old friends and drink happily
         It can be said that the "night bar" is a unique, high-grade dating bar. There are few young men and women in bars with red and green hair, exposed clothes and vulgar behaviors. The bars are full of gentle and elegant white-collar workers with extraordinary temperament... I admire the new bar culture concept of "night bar" operators, and I also admire that "night bar" can give people a relaxed and joyful enjoyment all night. As the "night bar" self described: "here is the white-collar paradise, here is the sea of beautiful women"
         Night bar (Shenzhen head office) address: second floor, municipal design building, No. 3001, Sungang West Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
         Reservation Tel: 0755-83255116 83617612




  Shenzhen base area bar
         Base Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is the base of original music and rock music. It has many famous rock bands in the South and the first live recording studio in China.
         Base culture company is based on the base of the bar. At present, it has three base area chain bars. Since its opening, dozens of national famous rock and roll bands and underground original bands have performed on the stage in the base area, becoming the front of Southern rock music. Cui Jian, the father of Chinese rock and roll, has been called "standing at the forefront of anti kitsch culture". Since the first Shenzhen rock music festival was successfully held in 2001, four rock music festivals have been held in succession, which has caused great repercussions in the music industry. The "base area" has become an important music base in the south. It has not only trained a group of talented musicians, but also provided a stage for original and rock musicians to display their talents.

         Base area cultural Communication Co., Ltd. has become a professional cultural company that holds large-scale performance activities, on-site recording, promotion of original music and cultural exchange, and will develop in the mode of chain operation.




  Shenzhen limitless bar
         Infinity club has a business area of more than 2000 square meters and has the only led flying saucer DJ station. Taking the world's top photocopying equipment as the guide, the internationally famous DJ shifter is stationed, reflecting the trend of music culture; Master Yu Yang, the champion of fancy wine mixing, joined infinity, a charming live show of fancy wine mixing; The dragon dance show is performed on the same stage to create a unique supreme music culture.




  Shenzhen demon bar
         CITIC City Square, a landmark property in the city and an international leisure Street, is a bar block composed of nine glass houses and a bar tribe. It is the image store of vodka in Sweden. It is surrounded by glass buildings, drinking tea and gathering elites. There are live performances by singers and outdoor heaters, so you can't feel the cold winter. In addition, you can buy two and get one free before 9:00 every night.

         Magic King Bar: London's fashionable bar design, the most fashionable music, the happiest and sweet singer, and our secret "magic bean"... Let you forget




  Shenzhen Overseas Chinese town bar wine Street

         The bar street in OCT has become a necessary place for Shenzhen people to enjoy their mood and leisure. The bar street in Oct gives people a feeling of youth and personality. It is said that most of the bar owners there are very young new people. Whether the bar atmosphere is warm or quiet, people can find the feeling of youth from it.

        As far as Shenzhen people are concerned, the overseas Chinese town is no doubt familiar, because it is the most colorful cultural landscape in the western part of Shenzhen. Especially after the overseas Chinese town put forward the concept of "green ecology", it has gradually become an elegant and fashionable ideal community for Shenzhen people to work, live and rest. This is the great "beauty" of overseas Chinese town, which is so beautiful that people can enjoy the sight; What is the "beauty" of OCT? Splendid China, the window of the world, people call these "the beauty of the sun". What about "the beauty of the moon"? Take a walk along the shady path of Oct; Looking at the music fountain in the square of the scenic spot and doing "neon moonlight bath"? I said it was a bit vulgar! Let me say, there is a most distinctive and popular "Xiaomei" in Oct. she is so beautiful that you are willing to guard the darkness of her night. This is the bar street next to the eco square of Oct. the holy land, No. 10 Downing Street, Shenzhen story, Zulian, enlightenment, impression... A series of names that people love and love endlessly


scenic spot


  OCT East

         The eastern overseas Chinese town, with an investment of 3.5 billion yuan by OCT Group, is located in Dameisha, Shenzhen, China, covering an area of nearly 9 square kilometers. It is a national eco-tourism demonstration area with the purpose of "returning urban people to nature" and characterized by cultural tourism.

         Among the mountains and seas, the eastern OCT cleverly plans three major theme areas: Daxia Valley, chaxi Valley and Yunhai Valley, which integrates various cultural tourism functions such as ecological movement, leisure and vacation, outdoor sports, etc., reflecting the harmonious coexistence of human and nature.




Shenzhen window of the world  

         The window of the world in Shenzhen is a large cultural tourist attraction jointly invested and constructed by the Hong Kong China Travel Service Group and the overseas Chinese city group. It opened on June 18, 1994. The window of the world is located on the Bank of Shenzhen Bay, covering an area of 480000 square meters. According to the world geographical structure and tourist activities, the scenic area is divided into eight regions: World Square, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, America, World Sculpture Park and international street. As a large-scale cultural tourism scenic spot with the theme of promoting the essence of world culture, the window of the world gathers the essence of human civilization for thousands of years. There are more than 130 scenic spots such as historical sites, scenic spots, natural scenery, world wonders, folk houses and sculptures, including garden art, folk customs, folk songs and dances, large-scale performances and high-tech participatory entertainment projects. The window of the world, with its rich cultural connotation, graceful and magnificent planning and design, exquisite landscape projects, extraordinary artistic performances, and dynamic and exciting entertainment projects, represents a wonderful and wonderful world for Chinese and foreign tourists.




Shenzhen splendid China

         The splendid China miniature scenic spot covers an area of 300000 square meters. It is the epitome of China's 5000 year history and culture and 9.6 million square kilometers of beautiful rivers and mountains. It is also the largest miniature scenic spot in the world. 82 scenic spots are distributed according to the location of China's territory, and most of them are copied by 1:15. There are more than 50000 lifelike pottery figurines and animals scattered in the scenic area, It vividly reproduces the architecture, living customs and local customs of China's multi-ethnic country; The scenic spot takes "flower world, green world, beautiful world" as the goal, perfectly combines Chinese traditional bonsai craft with modern garden art, which can be called the model of Chinese garden art. The splendid China miniature scenic spot strides forward the history step by step, one day

         The magnificent momentum of "Splendid China" is known as the masterpiece of "opening the Chinese artificial landscape".

        Covering an area of more than 200000 square meters, China's folk culture village is the first large-scale cultural tourism scenic spot in China that gathers folk art, folk customs and residential buildings of all ethnic groups in one park. There are 25 villages of 22 ethnic groups, all built in a ratio of 1:1. By performing ethnic customs, displaying folk handicrafts, and holding large-scale folk festivals regularly, such as Chinese national temple fair, water splashing Festival, Torch Festival, Xishuangbanna customs month and Inner Mongolia customs week, the original flavor, rich and colorful folk customs and folk culture of all ethnic groups in China are displayed from multiple angles and aspects, Let tourists fully feel the soul and charm of the Chinese nation. Chinese folk culture village has won the reputation of "China Folk Museum" for its rich connotation of "25 villages and 56 ethnic customs".




Shenzhen Happy Valley

         Shenzhen happy valley is a new generation of large-scale theme park of OCT Group. It is one of the first 4A level scenic spots in China. It covers a total area of 350000 square meters and has a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan. It is a modern theme park in China integrating participation, appreciation, entertainment and interest. It integrates sea, land and air entertainment into one, and integrates day and night entertainment into one.

         The park is divided into nine major theme areas: Spanish Square, cartoon city, adventure mountain, happy time, gold town, Shangri La forest, hurricane Bay, Sunshine Coast, Maya water park (free from May 1 to October 7 every year) and the high-altitude monorail "happy trunk line". There are more than 100 colorful recreational projects suitable for all ages, from the United States, the Netherlands, the United States and the Netherlands Germany and other developed countries have introduced many unique national and even Asian projects, such as China's first high-altitude swing "discoverer", the world's newest and Asia's No.1 family riding project "UFO", the world's highest gap "torrent Yongjin", China's first suspended roller coaster "snow mountain flying dragon", Asia's highest and China's first "thrilling tower" - space shuttle Asia's first four-dimensional cinema integrating vision, hearing and touch, and the only Maya water park in Asia that has won the "industry innovation award" of the International Water Park Association

         The most charming urban entertainment center in China, a "dynamic, fashionable, happy and dreamy" prosperous city, will make you unforgettable!




Shenzhen big (small) Meisha

         Located on the Bank of Dapeng Bay, Shenzhen City, Dameisha bay mouth is about 2000 meters wide and Xiaomeisha bay mouth is about 800 meters wide. The sea sand is yellow and white, smooth and soft. It is like a crescent moon inlaid between Cangshan Mountain and blue sea. It is called "Oriental Hawaii". The Shang Dynasty cultural sites more than 3000 years ago have been found near the mountain of Dameisha, and the sites of the spring and Autumn period have been found on the sand dunes. There are exquisite bronzes unearthed, revealing the dawn of civilization. It shows that since ancient times, the areas of Xiaomeisha and Xiaomeisha have been the places where people have lived, multiplied and traveled. Now, with hotels, hotels, villas, camping, water bath and other supporting facilities for seaside tourism, the beautiful natural landscape and the ancient and unsophisticated cultural landscape are integrated into one, making it a good place for people to take vacations, leisure and entertainment, and to step on waves and keep fit.